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Masterbatches are colorants and/or additive concentrates for plastic or synthetic material, incorporating a level of colorant, (in)organic pigment, pigment causing special effects or additives that is higher than found in the final product. A masterbatch is used to proportion these additives into a larger batch during the compounding process.

Most thermoplastic polymers are used in a particulate structure as this permits considerably less pollution during the process. It also allows easier and faster assimilation. These are the main reasons behind Viba Eastern Europe's choice to work with granulated masterbatches.

Uniform colours and observed quality are our first priority. We supply masterbatches based on thermoplastic polymers according to international colour standards such as RAL, Pantone and NCS. As well as our regular masterbatches, we can customize solutions based on your own specifications, following exact procedures to warrant accurate colour matches.

At Viba Eastern Europe we have been able to build a strong reputation as a partner to our customers, because we are versatile when it comes to tailor-made products, we have been able to continuously deliver quality products to our customers and because we can stock customer-specific products for timely delivery.