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Wood Polymer Composite

Synthetic materials in full harmony with nature is not unreal. Wood, or other cellulose-based constituents, in a well-balanced blend with plastic is referred to as WPC, which is short for Wood Polymer Composites.

Viba Eastern Europe has endeavoured to maintain an equilibrium between natural and synthetic materials in the development of colour- and additive masterbatches. The assets of both wood and plastic are merged in to one single product. WPC is mainly used for outdoor purposes. A 'territory' that has been Viba Eastern Europe's and it's partner W&R Plastics specialty for over 25 years now. The material has to its great advantage that it allows colouring like any classic synthetic fibre. The colour palette we developed, inspires manufacturers as much as end-users.

It offers endless possibilities in terms of creation and design. We have also put a lot of consideration in the durability of our product. The colours acquire a natural patina and highly effective additives protect the wood/plastic matrix from a variety of elements such as sunlight, heat and humidity.