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Working with our customers, strengthened by our broad experience and in-depth knowledge of the industry, we aim to both innovate products as well as improve manufacturing processes. The Viba group has highly advanced in-house laboratories, where new products are developed and tested extensively. To better accommodate our customers, we are well acquainted with the current international rules and regulations, and environment- and public health matters.

Through our collaboration with the Viba group , we offer a considerable European network, creating possibilities where both service and delivery are concerned. More importantly, we exchange our knowledge and expertise in the field. All of our highly educated sales engineers are able to provide you with expert advice, meeting the particular needs and demands of our customers.

Viba Eastern Europe guarantees a constant level of excellence in quality service. We deliver fast and in accordance with the individual needs of our customers. We can deliver all industry-standard products within 24-48 hours. Products tailored to individual customer needs can be stocked on demand and supplied within the same term.

As leader in distribution, we have specialized in masterbatches and set a high standard for product knowledge and friendly efficient service. For specific information, we encourage you to contact our expert advisors.