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Rules and Regulations

As most of you have experienced over the last few years, the issues of rules and regulations, have become increasingly more important.

This counts for every area in the plastics industry and every type of application in the plastics industry. Whether you are a supplier for the food industry ( f.ex. 2002/72/EC and amendments, 1935/2004, regulations on national level like French positive list or BgVV, etc.) or the pharmaceutical industry ( f.ex. Pharmacopoeia/Pharmacopea). Or you make toys ( f.ex. EN-71-3-1994) or parts for electrical equipment (f.ex. RoHS 2002/95/EC, WEEE 2002/96/EC). Maybe you make packaging for the non-food ( f.ex. 94/62/EEC) or you get demands for declarations of absence for certain substances like the SVHC or you need safety data sheets compliant with the Reach EC Directive 1907/2006.

As you can conclude from the above : all of us are confronted with and must submit to the ruling legislations applicable to each separate application and area. Since the introduction of REACH, there is no longer any field or application that can afford to ignore this evolution. Also, the latest and continuously adapted food contact legislations in the EU, force every one of us to give the optimum attention to this subject.

This involves an increasing amount of documents and other supporting activities from our part to give our customers the service they need in order to comply with all the rules and regulations in their particular area.

Viba Eastern Europe and its partners have made a firm decision to take this matter very seriously and to adapt its strategies and systems to be able to give our customers the support they need and deserve.

For this reason, Viba Eastern Europe has adapted its organisation in terms of personal by adding one member to the team exclusively occupied with the topic of rules and regulations and the handling of documents. Our partners have already or are in the process of making the necessary investments in systems to make correct and up-to-date documents.

It is our philosophy that only in this way we can help our customers to at least maintain and preferably grow in their markets, which is to the benefit of all of us.

For detailed information about our product in respect to rules and regulations, do not hesitate to contact us.